Navigating Early Parenthood with Dr Hayley Glasson

Navigating Early Parenthood with Dr Hayley Glasson

Welcoming a new baby into the family is a time of great joy, but it can also be overwhelming for parents. From navigating breastfeeding challenges to understanding infant sleep patterns, the early stages of parenthood come with a steep learning curve. 

Dr. Hayley Glasson, a dedicated Fellowed GP, has been providing perinatal care for women and babies in the Illawarra region since 2015. With her extensive expertise and caring approach, Dr. Glasson is committed to empowering expecting and new parents through the challenges and adjustment to parenthood.

Dr. Glasson’s approach to perinatal care is grounded in compassion and empathy. She understands the emotional journey of expecting and new parents and strives to create a safe and supportive environment where families feel heard and understood. Whether addressing concerns about breastfeeding, infant sleep, or parental mental health, Dr. Glasson takes the time to listen to her patients’ needs and provide personalised guidance and support.

What is Neuroprotective Developmental Care or Possums?

One of the cornerstones of Dr. Glasson’s practice is Neuroprotective Developmental Care (NDC), also known as the Possums programs. Developed by Australian GP Dr. Pamela Douglas, NDC is a scientific, evidence-based approach that supports responsive, attachment-focused care for infants. Dr. Glasson integrates NDC principles into her consultations, helping parents build strong bonds with their babies and navigate common challenges such as feeding, sleep, and mood.

Consultations may cover:

  • Preparing for Bub (in late pregnancy)
  • Breastfeeding issues
  • Infant weight concerns
  • Infant sleep concerns (note NDC is not ‘sleep training’)
  • ’Unsettled’ infants/cry-fuss behaviour
  • Changes in family dynamics eg. welcoming another baby to a family
  • Parent/infant bonding and attachment
  • Parental mental health- with a focus on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Relationship adjustments to parenthood

Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding is a crucial aspect of early parenthood, but it can also be challenging for many new mothers. Dr. Glasson offers comprehensive breastfeeding support, drawing on the Gestalt Breastfeeding model to empower mothers with the knowledge and techniques for pain-free breastfeeding. Through compassionate guidance and practical strategies, Dr. Glasson helps mothers overcome breastfeeding obstacles and establish a strong breastfeeding relationship with their babies.

Infant Sleep Strategies

Infant sleep is another area of concern for many parents. Dr. Glasson takes a flexible, evidence-based approach to infant sleep, encouraging experimentation and responsiveness rather than rigid sleep training methods. By working with the biological rhythms of sleep and promoting a nurturing sleep environment, Dr. Glasson helps parents develop healthy sleep habits for their babies and toddlers (up until the age of two) while minimising stress and anxiety.

Perinatal Mental Health

The early newborn period can be emotionally challenging for parents, and it’s not uncommon to experience feelings of anxiety, stress, or sadness. Dr. Glasson provides compassionate support for perinatal mental health, utilising strategies to help parents navigate their emotions and maintain maternal mood. By addressing mental health concerns early on, Dr. Glasson helps parents feel more confident and resilient as they adjust to the demands of parenthood.

Dr. Hayley Glasson’s compassionate approach to perinatal care is a beacon of support for expecting and new parents in the Illawarra region. Through her dedication, expertise, and unwavering support, Dr. Glasson empowers families to navigate the challenges of early parenthood with confidence and resilience. If you’re expecting a new baby or struggling with the demands of parenthood, don’t hesitate to reach out to Dr. Glasson for non-judgemental, empathetic guidance and support.