Renee Jennings

BSc Nutrition, MSc Dietetics

Renee Jennings is an experienced clinical dietitian, graduating from Wollongong University in 2011. She specialises in prenatal nutrition and is the co-author of Nurture the Seed: Your evidenced-based guide to prenatal nutrition. She has a strong research foundation and utilises a ‘wholefood’ approach to pregnancy nutrition.

Renee lives in Wollongong with her husband and two beautiful children. Renee is a passionate home cook who loves connecting people through food.

Renee specialises in:

– Preconception/fertility nutrition
– General pregnancy nutrition
– Gestational diabetes
– Low iron during pregnancy and postpartum
– Vegetarian/vegan diets in pregnancy
– Postpartum nutrition (including breastfeeding)

To make an appointment please call the Amélie Private team on 1300 971 265.